WiFi Auto Toggle


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WiFi Auto Toggle is designed to reduce your phone's battery usage by disabling WiFi services when you're not around your frequent WiFi hotspots or home networks and re-enabling them when you return.

Why choose WiFi Auto Toggle?

Any auto-toggle app can disable your WiFi service when you're no longer connected, but what is the most efficient way to detect when the app should re-enable the service? The most common method is to leave a service running in the background of your phone to check for some triggering situation. This eats up a considerable portion of your phone's memory and battery over time.

WiFi Auto Toggle instead launches a quickly self-destructing service only when you fully unlock your screen. Once the service is launched, it runs through a complex algorithm to determine which, if any, of the three available services to use in obtaining your location. As GPS is the most power-consuming of these options available to the phone, a great many conditions must be satisfied before the service attempts to use it. In short, WiFi Auto Toggle does everything in its power to not burn your power.

How do you use WiFi Auto Toggle?

WiFi Auto Toggle has three main pages, or tabs: Automatic, Manual, and Manage. Beneath the tabs are three status indicators for GPS, the WiFi Auto Toggle service, and WiFi. You may click on the GPS or WiFi indicators to go directly to the appropriate menu in your phone's settings.

The Automatic tab contains a quick overview of the application and a button that will launch all three location services to quickly and accurately record your current location. If you are not within service coverage or if there is a problem with the network, the search will time out after forty seconds.

The Manual tab allows you to enter an address for a remote location or to select a contact with an address from your phone. Please be sure to enter at least a street and zip or a street with city and state. Apt/unit numbers typically do not aid in physical address lookup.

The Manage tab displays a list of all stored locations with an empty or filled checkmark indicating whether that specific location is to be checked by the WiFi Auto Toggle service when it runs. You may select any location to change its name, enable/disable (check or uncheck), or delete the entry. At the bottom is a button that will start or stop the WiFi Auto Toggle service entirely.

How would an app like WiFi Auto Toggle apply to me?

The benefit to using a location-based service like WiFi Auto Toggle is that you can quickly add new wifi-enabled locations with the touch of a button. Imagine: You're flying out to see your relatives, and you know they'll have WiFi there. Add the destination address to this app, and WiFi will automatically be disabled for the trip and re-enabled as you drive up to the house.

For daily use, add your home and your favorite local hotspots, and leave the toggling to WiFi Auto Toggle. As your needs and list of hotspots change, feel free to enable or disable each location independently without needing to delete and re-add locations.

What if I don't like WiFi Auto Toggle

We're sure you'll be satisfied with the smooth and intuitive operation of Wifi Auto Toggle. For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please email us here. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, refunds will be processed as per the Google Play return policy.

Does WiFi Auto Toggle have plans for future improvements?

The basic platform for this application holds many possibilities for future functionality. Regardless, the current iteration of WiFi Auto Toggle will continue to be updated for bug fixes and convenience features. Stay tuned for more updates from Nolnoch, LLC.


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